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Focus for Fourth Grade              
  • Find the main idea and key details in a nonfiction text
  • Use text features, such as titles, headings, pictures, captions, and diagrams, to understand information
  • Recognize the theme of fictional text
  • Analyze a story to determine the point of view from which it is written
  • Determine the meaning of an unknown word using context clues

How can I support at home?




  • Write legibly
  • Correctly use capitalization and punctuation when writing
  • Demonstrate proper use of grammar and usage when writing
  • Use knowledge of subject and predicate to effectively write complete sentences
  • Compose multi-paragraph narratives

How can I support at home?

Allow your student to login to Google Drive to work on projects.

  • Multiply multi-digit whole numbers using the standard method
  • Solve multi-step word problems using the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the long division process
  • Apply understanding of squares, primes, composites, factors, and multiples

How can I support at home?

Social Studies
  • Increase keyboarding fluency
  • Effectively utilize tools in Google Drive through a variety of projects
  • Show respect to peers and adults with both words and actions
  • Make appropriate choices in all social settings, such as the playground, cafeteria, and in Academies
  • Treat others with kindness by putting other's feelings first
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