5th Grade Teachers


Amanda Bagwell – Math, Social Studies, and Science

Nicole Parker – English, Language Arts, and Writing

Welcome to our 5th grade team page! We’re so glad you’re here! Mrs. Bagwell and Mrs. Rangel have the amazing opportunity to teach all 5th grade students. While each student is assigned a homeroom teacher, the students switch classes for the different content areas. This approach allows us to best prepare your child for middle school where they will have various teachers throughout the day. Please visit each teacher’s web page to learn more about them individually.




Below, you will find the major standards that are taught in each subject area this year:


Reading/Language Arts:


- Theme

- Tone

- Summarize

- Predictions

- Foreshadowing

- Imagery

- Main Idea

- Key details

- Background knowledge

- Character’s point of view

- Narrator’s point of view

- Figurative language

- Compare and contrast

- Fact and opinion



- Narratives

- Voice, dialogue, transitions

- Sequence of events

 - Poems (alliteration, simile, metaphor)

- Opinion (point of view)

- Cause and effect

- Persuasive

- Summarizing

- Informative/Explanatory

- Planning, editing, revising

- Conventions

- Research projects




- Understanding the place value system

- Add and subtract decimals

- Multiply and divide whole numbers and decimals

- Add and subtract fractions

- Multiply and divide fractions

- Use patterns based on operations and number relationships

- Interpret data using line plots

- Volume

- Coordinate planes


Social Studies:




the-hart-of-the-munchkin-patch-top-5-science-kits-for-kids-aVuEyj-clipart.png  in-math-we-use-the-investigations-series-students-learn-with-hands-on-39DXUJ-clipart.png  kids-reading.png