School Handbook


19-20 DVE Student Handbook.pdf

Welcome to Douglass Valley Elementary School, home of the Wolves.  We provide a variety of rich educational programs for approximately 315 students, grades Kindergarten through 5th.   Our mission statement reflects our passion:

The mission of Douglass Valley Elementary School, in partnership with families, staff, and our military community, is to educate each student in a safe, nurturing, and mutually respectful environment where academic excellence and exemplary character are achieved through problem-solving, collaboration, and critical-thinking.

We have a great building in a fabulous location, devoted parents and staff, and a talented student body.  Douglass Valley is known throughout the neighborhood and the school district as a positive, supportive learning community. Staff members are busily engaged as a team exploring ways of improving student learning while providing an environment where all children can feel safe and happy.  We encourage students to do their best and we celebrate their academic as well as social and emotional growth.


Teachers, support staff, and parents work cooperatively to provide students with exceptional instructional experiences in a safe, positive environment.  The talents of each student and staff member alike are fostered so that learning is maximized.  In addition to the regular classroom instruction, students attend classes in science, Spanish, art, music, and physical education.  Independently operated day care options are available for families needing those services.


This handbook is designed to introduce you to the school by explaining programs and guidelines to help create a positive learning environment. Be sure to review our information on MTSS as it relates to helping all children at Douglass Valley.  Please review the rest of the handbook with your child. 


Adrienne Morey                                 Shannon Morris

Principal                                             Assistant Principal

Douglass Valley Mission Statement

The mission of Douglass Valley Elementary School, in partnership with families, staff, and our military community, is to educate each student in a safe, nurturing, and mutually respectful environment where academic excellence and exemplary character are achieved through problem-solving, collaboration, and critical-thinking.



Academy District 20 Statements

Mission Statement - The mission of Academy School District 20 is to educate every student in a safe and nurturing environment and to provide comprehensive, challenging curricular and extracurricular opportunities that meet the unique needs of every individual by expanding interests, enhancing abilities, and equipping every student with the knowledge, skills, and character essential to being a responsible citizen of our community, our nation and the world.


Belief Statements - We believe:


·         An educated citizenry is the cornerstone of a democratic republic.

·         Every individual has innate worth and is entitled to be treated with respect.

·         Learning is a lifelong endeavor.

·         Every individual can learn and does so in a variety of ways.

·         The education of each student is a responsibility shared by students, families, schools, and communities.

·         Parents have both the right and the responsibility to choose the school, curriculum, and program(s) that best meet the needs of their student(s).

·         The development of virtuous character is equal in importance to academic growth and critical to developing responsible citizens of our community, our nation, and the world.

·         Whether in the classroom or at home, students achieve best in a nurturing environment where physical, intellectual, and emotional health is emphasized and safety is assured.

·         Students must be held to the highest standards of academic achievement while recognizing the true success of our academic program is measured by the success of each student relative to his or her unique potential and individual progress.

·         Every graduate must be fully prepared for the post-graduation path of his or her choice.

·         Every student, staff member, and volunteer is responsible for the effective and efficient use of supplies, facilities, and financial resources.

Adopted by the Board of Education – April 21, 2011


General School Information

Arrival at School / School Hours

Breakfast will be served at 8:30.  Unless your student is involved in a specific school activity or eating breakfast, please do not permit your children to arrive before 8:35 AM. No adult supervision is available to students prior to 8:35 AM other than in the cafeteria.    When the temperature or wind chill is 20°F or below, students will be allowed to enter the building at 8:35 AM and will be supervised inside the building.


School Hours:             8:45 AM – 3:45 PM


Office:                         8:00 AM – 4:15 PM


Attendance Procedures

Attendance will be taken at 8:45 AM each school day.  It is our policy to notify parents regarding any student about whom we have had no report of either a late arrival (tardy) or excused absence.  Parents should call by 9:30am the day of the student absence or tardy. Parents may also call any time before the absence or tardy to notify our office staff or to leave a message on the school answering machine 234­-4200.  If a student has an "unverified" absence, our office staff will contact parents to verify the absence. This policy is for your child's protection, ensuring the school is informed of your child's whereabouts and well-being. All parents must check in their child(ren) in at the office after 8:45am.  Parents are not allowed to walk their child(ren) up to their classrooms after the first bell.

Attendance Policy

Under the attendance accountability policies within Academy District 20 and the State of Colorado, all absences are marked either excused or unexcused. Please note that if you leave a voice mail on our attendance line or use the "Report An Absence" option on the school website, please be specific with the reason for the absence (doctor appointments/illness/family emergency/etc.), teacher name, and the student(s) it impacts. To keep our attendance records accurate, follow-up phone calls and/or emails will be made to determine the reason for an absence. If a student is going to be gone for longer than three days, we request that parents will come into the front office and fill out a "Prearranged Absence Notification" form.  Any unreported absences will be left as "unexcused" after three days. 


Class Parties

There are several parties per school year that are sponsored by the room parents/guardians in coordination with the teacher occurring after 2:30 PM.  Birthday treats are acceptable as long as they are coordinated in advance with the classroom teacher.  PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR CHILD'S TEACHER TO ENSURE THERE ARE NO ALLERGIES IN THE CLASSROOM.



Please leave electronic devices (i.e., ipods, cell phones, computer games, etc.) at home.  If students bring these items to school, the items must remain in the student's backpack unless students are using them under the direction of an instructor.  Any electronic devices not turned off or found with the student outside of the request of an instructor will be kept with the classroom teacher until the end of the school day. If they are lost or stolen there is no recourse.


Field Trips

Class field trips are scheduled periodically to extend classroom learning.  Parents must sign a permission slip for each field trip.  Specific instructions and fees for the field trip will be listed on the permission form.


Homework Responsibility

To function well in the classroom you must do homework as required by the teacher. The District has a homework position paper. It is summarized as follows:


1.                   Homework assignments also teach students to be independent learners.   Homework gives students experience in following directions, making judgments and comparisons, raising additional questions for study, and developing responsibility and self-discipline.

2.                  Student achievement rises significantly when teachers regularly assign homework and students conscientiously do it.

3.                  Well-designed homework assignments relate directly to class work and extend students' learning beyond the classroom.

4.                  Homework is most useful when teachers carefully prepare the assignment, thoroughly explain it, and give prompt comments and criticism when work is completed.

To help assure some reasonable consistency among schools and to assure that school homework policies conform to good educational practice and the board's own policy, the Learning Services Department reviews and approves all proposed homework policies for individual schools.

The staff at Douglass Valley view homework as an important piece of the school curriculum at all grade levels. Homework contributes to effective learning by providing opportunities to practice and extend skills learned at school. Regular homework assignments also help students learn responsibility, self-discipline, and time management. Students discover that learning takes place all the time, in school and at home.

How much time should be spent on homework? While research supports regular daily homework, excessively long periods of homework can be counterproductive. Because we feel that homework is important, we ask that the following times are taken into consideration when planning your child's extracurricular activities.

1.                Kindergarten: Reading with or to your child 10-15 minutes each day; other homework may include special projects to be done at home.

2.               First-Second Grade: 15-30 minutes per day; in addition a student is expected to read 10-15 minutes at home daily.

3.                  Third - Fifth Grade: 30-45 minutes per day on average; in addition a student is expected to read 15-20 minutes at home daily.

How do absences affect school work? We feel it is important that instruction occur before assignments can be completed; therefore, work assignments are not typically provided ahead of time. We can however, provide packets that provide practice on skills. Students are responsible for finding out what assignments were missed and will receive assistance from the teacher before completing them. Students will be given an extra school day for each day missed to complete make up work. Long term assignments will be handled on an individual basis by the classroom teacher.

Guidelines for homework: Allow your child some time to unwind before beginning homework. Make homework a habit, set a regular study time. Communicate to your child that homework is important and that extracurricular activities will not be an excuse for unfinished homework. Provide a comfortable, well lit area with the basic materials. Help students understand that homework is a personal responsibility. Hold your child responsible for getting homework to and from school. Have your child write down daily homework assignments. Recommend that your child work on tough assignments first, when his/her energy level is high. Show confidence in your child's ability. Don't do the work for him/her. (It's okay to explain directions.) Help your child with time management by showing him/her how to keep a calendar of deadlines.

Homework is never designed to make students feel defeated.  If your student is struggling for more than 5-10 minutes on a concept, and you have tried to support them, please write a note at the top of the page to the teacher, and he or she will support your student with the work the following day.

Report Cards and Conferences at Douglass Valley
Report cards are issued four times a year, after each nine-week grading period.  They are made available through your Parent Portal on Infinite Campus.  Should you like a paper copy, please contact your student's teacher.  Twice a year we have conferences. This is the time when parents and teachers talk about students, their progress in school, and their individual needs. At Douglass Valley, we think both parents and teachers are educators, in other words, partners. Please join the teacher in finding the best way to help your student learn. The teacher will have information to share with you. Because time for conferences is limited, we suggest you think about what you'd like to ask the teacher in advance. You may ask for more conferences anytime during the year. In addition, if you ever have a question, your child's teacher is no further than the telephone or a quick email away.

Lost and Found
Please ensure that your student's name is on all his/her personal items.  Lost items are kept in the "Lost and Found" box located in the gymnasium. Small items such as watches, glasses, jewelry, and money are kept in the office. Students and parents may inquire about personal missing items during the day or before and after school. Unclaimed items will be donated to a local charity.

Lunch at DVE
DVE hosts breakfast from 8:30am-8:45 am.  The daily cost for breakfast for students is $1.40 and the cost for lunch is $2.60 per day.  Free or reduced price lunches are available to those who qualify based on family size and income.  Forms are available on-line on the DVE website, under the Parent Portal and in the school office.  If your family doesn't qualify now, you can apply any time during the school year if circumstances change.  If you wish to buy lunch at school to eat with your student, please call the office before 8:45 a.m. to place your order.  Students may purchase a daily lunch or bring in any amount of money that will be credited to the student's lunch account.  If students bring lunch from home, they can still buy milk or juice for $0.75.  You can now pay on-line for your student's school meal through Pay For It @ .

Free or Reduced Lunch
Policy EF recognizes that students do best in school if they have eaten a nutritious and balanced meal. Academy District 20 participates in the National School Lunch Program that provides free or reduced price meals to eligible students. The Board of Education agrees to the federal eligibility regulations, and the food service program meets all state and federal requirements relating to meal and menu records, fiscal controls and accountability, free and reduced-price meals, civil rights compliance, sanitation, and safety.

School Lunch Prices for 2019-20
Breakfast (Full Pay) $1.40                                         

Breakfast (Reduced/Free – all grades) – no charge

Lunch (Full Pay) $2.60                                              

Lunch (Reduced/Free) – no charge                         

Milk/Juice:  75¢                                                        

Adult Lunch:  $3.65

Lunch Times
  K   12:00-12:20 PM                1st 12:25-12:45 PM                

2nd 12:10-12:40 PM       3rd12:35-12:55 PM      

4th 12:50-1:10 PM                   5th 1:00-1:20 PM

Morning Drop-Off and Afternoon Pick-Up Procedures
Please note the "student valet drop-off (kiss and go) area" is located along the sidewalk that is closest to the school.  Students must exit/enter their car next to the sidewalk only and in this designated area only.  Please stay in line and wait until a staff member is available to support your student with entering/exiting your car.  If you wish to walk with your child up to the school, parking is available on the left hand side of the road by the park. The bus parking area and the staff parking lot are not authorized student drop-off and pick-up areas! Cars MAY NOT be in the bus loop at any time that buses are present.

When Driving Students To School, Drivers Should:

1. Have patience and proceed in a single file line and pull forward until reaching the designated, yellow zone for passenger drop-off; i.e., along the sidewalk, or anywhere along the sidewalk, exiting on the passenger side of the vehicle.

2. After dropping students off, remain in a single file line following the vehicle ahead. While proceeding forward to exit, keep a watchful eye for pedestrians and staff members and our crossing guard who will be directing pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

3.   All pedestrians (students and parents) may only cross at the designated crosswalks.

Since more students will be driven to school when the weather is inclement, patience and cooperation will be more in demand.  When the temperature or wind chill is 20°F or below, students will be allowed to enter the building at 8:35 AM.

To protect students and others, we will be vigilant about violators. Those who choose to not follow our safety procedures in our drop-off zone will be asked verbally to cooperate. Please be careful!

Moving/Relocating/Change of Address
When you are planning to move either outside of Colorado Springs, or outside of District 20, please notify the front office at 234-4200. 

Please submit a "Change of Address" form, along with the required documentation to prove residency, to the district's Central Registry office (D20 Education and Administration Center, 1110 Chapel Hills Drive, 80920) or to the school office (we will forward the document to Central Registry for you).

PE Class
In order to participate in PE class, all students are required to wear either tennis or athletic shoes - no hiking boots, heelie shoes, crocs, sandals, or flip flops.  Students with unsafe shoes for PE will not be allowed to participate in PE. 

Pets at School
For the safety of students and staff, no personal pets (dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, rodents, etc.) are allowed inside the school building or on school grounds.  If you use a service animal, please check in at the front office to let us know.  If you are walking or picking up your child to or from school and you are walking with your pet, you must stay in the park area across from the school.

All recesses are supervised by staff members.  If adverse weather conditions exist (when the outside temperature- including wind chill is  under 20°F, actively snowing/raining, high winds, etc.) recess will be held inside the school.

School Delays, Closings/Cancellations, and Early Releases
The school district will use every available resource in making the decision to cancel school because of inclement weather or unsafe road conditions.  We sincerely ask and urge parents to help with the decision as far as their own children are concerned.  If a parent's judgment is that it is too hazardous to send his/her child to school, please keep your child at home. 

Delays and Closures
If adverse weather conditions occur, the District Superintendent may delay the start of school for two hours or close all schools for the day.  The procedure is as follows:

1. Parents will be contacted about delays and closures by either email, text, or phone (whichever is indicated in your Parent Portal Account).

2. Local radio/TV stations will be informed no later than 6:00 AM that the starting time for District 20 schools will be delayed by two hours or school closure.  Please check your local radio/TV stations for updates on two-hour delays that may turn into school closures.

3. A two-hour delayed start means that school will begin at 10:45 AM.  "Before school" activities will not be held. Breakfast will not be served.

Early Release Due to Storm and/or Other Conditions
If School District 20 is in session when a storm develops, a decision may be made to send students home early.  Local radio/TV stations will announce early dismissal times, and 20Alerts will be sent out.  If the decision to release early is made (usually between 10:00 AM and 10:30 AM), each bus driver will be notified.  They will make their regular runs in the same sequence as usual, and all students in District 20 will arrive home approximately two hours early. 

1. Be sure your child understands what he/she should do on early storm release days.

2. The usual early release time for elementary students will vary.

3. Each teacher will have a sign out sheet.  Parents must sign for all students leaving with them.  EACH CHILD MUST BE ACCOUNTED FOR BEFORE BEING RELEASED.                     

4. Children who have permission to walk home will be allowed to leave at the designated time.  Those who are not to walk will be held until their parents, or someone who has been authorized to pick them up, comes for them.


Severe Weather Releases
From time to time, storms develop at dismissal time, making it unsafe for students and staff to leave school.  In the event of a severe weather release, a 20Alert will be sent via email and text message to notify families of the change in dismissal procedures. The following will occur when the bell rings at 3:45 pm:

1. Students who ride the bus will report to the gym.  (They will either be held in the gym until they can safely walk to the busses in the designated areas, or until busses can pull up in front of the building to ensure students can safely board them.)

2. Students who attend Champions will be dismissed to the cafeteria.

3.  All students who regularly walk or use Kiss 'n' Go will be held in their classrooms.                          

4. Once hallways are clear, parents will be allowed to enter the building and report directly to the classrooms to pick up their students.

5. Any remaining students will report to the office to obtain permission to walk home or other directions.

School Health Services
The DVE nurse will be at our school one day a week.  The administration of medication and first aid is delegated to trained school personnel.  The school nurse's role is a supervisory role for regular education students.  The school nurse's role lies primarily in special education doing medical reviews/assessments.  If you have any questions about your child's health and/or medical condition, please contact the nurse at 234-4200.

First Aid/Illness at School
Only basic first aid is performed at school.  If an injury is serious, parents will be notified to pick their child up from school.  If a parent cannot be reached, 911 will be contacted for transport to the nearest medical facility.  If your child becomes ill at school, he/she is allowed to rest in the health room for a short time and is then encouraged to return to class.  Parents will be contact to pick up their child if he/she is exhibiting any of the following symptoms:

1. Too sick/not feeling well enough to participate in the regularly scheduled daily activities

2. Temperature of 100.5°F or higher

3. Excessive coughing

4. Vomiting

5. Diarrhea

Please make sure your current phone number and other contact information is current in Infinite Campus.  If your child is sick in the morning before school, please do not send him/her to school. 

Health Concerns
If your student has a specific health concern such as asthma, allergies, diabetes, seizures, etc. please be sure the school is aware of the concern and please keep all teachers and staff working with your student updated on these concerns.  Health care plans are often completed on students with specific health needs and they are available in the school office or on the district website at  You can then download the forms that you neeIn certain circumstances, the nurse will meet with parents separately to gather the needed health information. This information is especially important on new students and those who have recently been diagnosed with a new health condition.  Our nurse has an active confidential health concerns list that is shared with staff members on a "need to know" basis only.  Please make it your responsibility to keep the school informed of any health concerns regarding your student.  With good communication between home and school, we will be able to stay informed about the health needs of our students and provide a safe environment for them while at school.

Illness Guidelines
Students with the following symptoms will be excluded from school (kept at home) until all symptoms have resolved for at least 24 hours.

1.Temperature of 100.5°F or higher with other symptoms.  The student's temperature must be normal for 24 hours WITHOUT the aid of fever-reducing medications (such as Tylenol) before returning to school. 

2. Abnormal color or consistency of nasal or eye discharge.

3. Uncontrolled cough or unusual cough.

4. Vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours with other symptoms.  Symptoms must be resolved for 24 hours before a student may return to school.

5. If antibiotics are prescribed for an illness, the student must receive the antibiotics for 24 hours before the student may return to school.

6.  Undiagnosed skin rashes and/or open lesions.

Medication at School
Only parents and/or legal guardians are allowed to bring medications to school and leave them with office personnel who will administer all medications.  For safety reasons, no medications will be sent home with children.

When at all possible, please try to schedule medications to be administered at home.  Medications ordered for administration three times a day should be administered before school, after school, and at bedtime.  If medications must be administered at school, please arrange the schedule so that the medication is administered around the lunch hour to avoid disruption of the instructional program.  THE FOLLOWING PROCEDURE MUST BE FOLLOWED FOR MEDICATION TO BE ADMINISTERED AT SCHOOL:

Prescription medications must come in the bottle dispensed by the pharmacy.  We suggest you have a bottle for school and a bottle for home.  The bottle label must include the following information:

1. Student's name;

2. Prescribing doctor's name;

3. Name of the drug, dosage, and the time the drug is to be administered; and

4. Prescription date.

OVER-THE-COUNTER MEDICATIONS such as pain relievers/fever reducers and cold medications must be brought to school in the bottle or box in which they were purchased.  Breeze cough drops are the only cough drops acceptable at school. Parents may bring any of the above medications anytime during the school day to administer to their child.  If not, they must fill out the "Permission to Administer Medications" form.  All forms must be signed and dated by a healthcare physician.

The student's name must be written on the container, and the container kept in the main office/health room. If you have any questions regarding over-the-counter medications, please contact the office or the school nurse. 

No medication will be administered if it comes in a plastic bag, plain bottle, envelope, etc.  The parent will be called and the medication will not be administered.  Forms may be picked up from the school office or downloaded from the district and school websites.

Security at School
Security at DVE is of utmost importance to us.  We are dedicated to providing a safe environment for our students.  The following outlines our basic security procedures.

Child Abuse and Neglect
Cases of child abuse or neglect or battered children are sometimes detected by school personnel.   Colorado Statute (19-10-102 to 115) requires the reporting of these cases to the appropriate county department or local law enforcement agency.  It is the intent that, as a result of such reports, protective social services shall be made available in an effort to prevent further abuses and to safeguard and enhance the welfare of such children. 

Entering the School/ Visitors
The building is kept locked at all times.  To access the building, please use the front entrance on the east side of the school by the flagpole.  You will see a "doorbell" panel to the left of the door.  Press the button, wait to be acknowledged, identify yourself and the reason for your visit, and then enter the building.

We will be using the Raptor Visitor Management System as part of our goal of ensuring safety for students, staff and our community.  Upon entering the office, visitors/volunteers, including parents, will be required to present a valid drivers' licenses, which will be scanned by the system. At this time, military IDs will not work with the system. The scanning process is fast, simple, and our office staff will assist you.  Once the ID has been scanned and the entry is approved, the system will create a unique badge that identifies the visitor, date, and purpose of the visit.  The visitor will be required to wear the badge to proceed to the intended destination and should remain visible for the duration of the visit. Our staff is instructed to stop visitors who are not wearing a badge.  A visitor's badge will not be required for those who are just coming to DVE to drop something off.  However, if a student is being checked out during the school day they will need to present their driver's license, which will be scanned into the system. 

Parent Contact Information
Please be sure that your Parent Portal account in Infinite Campus is current with your contact numbers as well as emergency contact numbers, including the information for people who may check your child out of school. If changes or additions need to be made, you must make them through your Parent Portal.  The school cannot make changes on your behalf.

Safety Drills
Safety drills include fire, tornado, and lockdown procedures and are conducted on a regular basis.  During these drills, we practice getting all students into their classrooms or other secure areas as quickly as possible.  Teachers are instructed where to gather students, how to maintain a safe position, and how to alert administrators of their needs.
Student Responsibilities
Bullying behaviors will not be tolerated at Douglass Valley.  Adults and students are expected to treat each other with respect.  Staff and students are trained to identify bullying and strategies to stop those behaviors.  "Bullying" means any written or verbal expression, or physical or electronic act or gesture, or a pattern thereof, that is intended to coerce, intimidate, or cause any physical, mental, or emotional harm to any student, including but not limited to any behavior that is directed toward a student.    Bullying can be psychological, physical or social, done by an individual or a group, and usually involves power over another as a root cause.

If bullying does occur, steps will be taken to correct the behavior, notify parents and create individual behavior plans as necessary.  If bullying behavior continues after appropriate interventions, suspension or expulsion from school may be the consequence.  Students are trained in reporting procedures and alternative conflict resolution strategies.  Stopping bully behavior is the responsibility of all of us.  Resources available to students and parents include counseling support, administrative support, books and outside referrals, as needed.

Care of Property
Students are held responsible for the loss of or damage to textbooks, library books, and school property.  Fines will be levied to cover cost of replacement.

All Douglass Valley students are expected to follow the school-wide expectations of PAWS, through our Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) System:

1. Participate Responsibly

2.  Act Kindly

3. Work Hard

4. Show Respect

Social and Emotional Learning
In addition to our PBIS System, DVE makes use of RULER to support with Social and Emotional Learning.

RULER is an acronym that stands for Recognizing, Understanding, Labeling, Expressing and Regulating emotions. RULER is an approach to creating a positive learning climate and developing emotional skills of all adults and students within the school. It is a mindset and a language with which everyone in the school community can talk about their emotions. RULER is a school-wide approach that focuses first on developing adults personally and professionally so they can be role models and knowledgeable implementers of the skill-based instruction for students. The goals of RULER are to create a positive emotional climate and to enhance emotional intelligence in adults and students.

School Dress
School dress is a joint concern between the school and parents.  Students are expected to dress in a manner that will permit them to participate in school activities.  This includes warm or weather-proof outerwear in keeping with the unpredictable Colorado weather.  Standards of decency, cleanliness, good grooming, and noninterference with teaching and learning are stressed. The following shall not be worn in school buildings, on school grounds, or at school activities:

-          Any clothing, grooming, jewelry, accessories or body adornments that are disruptive or potentially disruptive to the educational environment as determined by the administrator; including but not limited to items that refer to drugs, tobacco, or alcohol, are obscene, profane, vulgar or defamatory in design or message, or threaten the safety or welfare of any person.

-          Any clothing that reveals all or part of the stomach, buttocks or chest, shirts with spaghetti straps, strapless tops, any clothing that reveals underwear, or is inappropriately sheer, short, tight or low cut.



Park bicycle in the bicycle racks only.

Keep on the right hand side of the street.

Keep both hands on the bars, except when signaling his/her intention to stop or turn.

Never carry additional riders.

Always wear a helmet.


Skates, Skateboards, and Scooters

Stay on the sidewalks.

Remove skates, or dismount skateboards and scooters, and walk on school property.

"Heelie" shoes are not allowed to be used on school property.


MTSS- Multi-Tiered System of Supports

At Douglass Valley Elementary, we follow the MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Supports) model. This prevention-based framework of team-driven, data-based problem-solving for improving the academic and social emotional learning outcomes of EVERY student through family, school, and community partnering and a layered continuum of evidence-based practices applied at the classroom, school, district, region, and state level. 


If your student is struggling in a particular academic area, our staff members will begin to provide additional layers of support to help them find success. By systemically analyzing and evaluating students' growth through ongoing formal and informal assessments, we are able to more effectively utilize our available resources to improve student performance.  Through the frequent tracking and discussion of student progress, we can problem-solve less severe educational challenges in the classroom setting.  Interventions are very fluid and allow students to get what they need, when they need it.  If your student is very strong with number sense, but struggles with geometric concepts, MTSS allows us easily support him/her with a quick intervention to get him/her up to speed, and then he/she can resume instruction in the classroom setting.


If at any time you have concerns about your students' progress, please don't hesitate to reach out to your student's classroom teacher.  If he/she is receiving support from any of our intervention or enrichment team, we would be happy to get everyone together to discuss what supports we have in place and how your student is responding to them. 


Bus Information

Please see Academy School District 20 Transportation Department website.


School Communication

20Alert Notification

Academy School District 20 uses a rapid communication system called 20Alert. 20Alert is used to keep families informed of activities, emergencies, and student absences. 20Alert, hosted by AlertNow, will provide reliable cost-effective communication to the District 20 community. Parents will be able to receive information not only from the district, but also from Douglass Valley regarding specific events and reminders.  Parents are automatically enrolled in this system through their Infinite Campus Parent Portal account and may elect to receive information through email, texting, and/or cell phone.


DVE Website

 Our school website is full of information! You can report an absence, check the school lunch menu, check the school calendar for events, and keep up-to-date with the school.  Go to


Parent Participation at DVE

Parents are one of our greatest assets!  We are fortunate to have an active and supportive community.  We average almost 1,500 volunteer hours yearly from that excellent resource--you.  We are successful because you are involved. Our school programs can only happen with the time and talent of our numerous volunteers.  These programs are a necessary component to make great things happen at Douglass Valley!


School Accountability Committee (SAC)

The Douglass Valley SAC has been created to:

1.  Act as a face-to-face communication link between the community and the school personnel;

2.   Serve as a sounding board for the administration;

3.   Promote community involvement and ownership;

4.   Provide recommendations for the school's plan for improvement.

Community Use of the Building
Community organizations may be allowed to use the building under District 20 rules and regulations for a rental fee.  Scheduling should be done through our School Secretary.

Parent Sounding Board
The Douglass Valley representative to the Parent Sounding Board will meet with other parents from the district and administrators to foster school/community communications.  This group meets monthly with the Superintendent.

General Information/Questions
We want you to be a part of Douglass Valley! We encourage you to call the school and check out facts if you have concerns.  Do not wait and later wish you had discussed the matter with the appropriate person.  Please feel free to call the school at 234-4200 to let us know if we can be of any help to you.

Volunteer Information
Volunteers are an integral part of our programming at Douglass Valley.  We recognize and appreciate the time, expertise, support, and assistance they give.  Volunteers may include parents and patrons who give their time to assist in the classrooms and the library.  They also include student teaching assistants and high school students who are receiving credit for work in classrooms and offices.
Documents that may not be seen or handled by anyone other than the appropriate school personnel are as follows:

1.      Teacher's grade book or record

2.     Child abuse reports

3.     DHS reports

4.     504 Evaluations

5.     Disciplinary files

6.     SPED records

7.      Students' permanent school records

8.     Records containing names of books checked out by students

9.     Records containing names of students who may have overdue books out, and if and how much is owed in book fines

10.  Free and Reduced forms

Becoming a Volunteer at Douglass Valley

1.  PTO holds a monthly Volunteer Orientation.  At this orientation, forms are completed and the fee is collected for background checks.


2.  Once your reference is checked and approved, the PTO representative will notify you that you have been approved for volunteering in the school.


3.  Volunteers wishing to help with PTO-sponsored activities should contact the PTO Volunteer Coordinator.


Please remember to always sign in/out at the office, and wear a visitor/volunteer badge provided by the school.