Security at School
Security at DVE is of utmost importance to us.  We are dedicated to providing a safe environment for our students.  The following outlines our basic security procedures.

Child Abuse and Neglect
Cases of child abuse or neglect or battered children are sometimes suspected or detected by school personnel.   Colorado Statute (19-10-102 to 115) requires the reporting of these cases to the appropriate county department or local law enforcement agency.  It is the intent that, as a result of such reports, protective social services shall be made available in an effort to prevent further abuses and to safeguard and enhance the welfare of such children.  

Entering the School / Visitors
The main entrance is kept locked at all times.  To access the building, please use the front entrance on the east side of the school by the flagpole.  You will see a “doorbell” panel to the left of the doors.  Press the button, wait to be acknowledged, identify yourself, and enter the building using the left door.  Immediately proceed to the front office to sign in.  Our staff is instructed to stop visitors who are not wearing a badge.

Parent Contact Information
Please be sure that your Parent Portal account in Infinite Campus is current with contact and emergency numbers, including the names of people who may check your child out of school.

Safety Drills
Safety drills include fire, tornado, and lockdown procedures and are conducted on a regular basis.  During these drills, we practice getting all students into their classrooms or other secure areas as quickly as possible.  Teachers are instructed where to gather students, how to maintain a safe position, and how to alert administrators of their needs.