Parent Participation at DVE

Parents are our greatest asset!  We are fortunate to have an active and supportive community.  We average almost 1,500 volunteer hours yearly from that excellent resource--you.  We are successful because you are involved. Our school programs can only happen with the time and talent of our numerous volunteers.  These programs are a necessary component to make great things happen at Douglass Valley!


School Accountability Committee (SAC)

The Douglass Valley SAC has been created to:

  1. Act as a face-to-face communication link between the community and the school personnel         
  2. Serve as a sounding board for the administration
  3. Promote community involvement and ownership
  4. Provide recommendations for the school's plan for improvement

Community Use of the Building

           Community organizations may be allowed to use the building under District 20 rules and regulations for a rental fee.  Scheduling should be done through our School Secretary.


Parent Sounding Board

           The Douglass Valley representative to the Parent Sounding Board will meet with other parents from the district and administrators to foster school/community communications.  This group meets monthly with the Superintendent.


General Information/Questions

           We encourage you to call the school and check out facts if you have concerns.  Do not wait and later wish you had discussed the matter with the appropriate person.  We want you to be a part of Douglass Valley.  Please feel free to call the school at 234-4200 to let us know if we can be of any help to you.

Volunteer Information

Volunteers are an integral part of our programming at Douglass Valley.  We recognize and appreciate the time, expertise, support, and assistance they give.  Volunteers may include parents and patrons who give their time to assist in the classrooms and the library.  They also include student teaching assistants and high school students who are receiving credit for work in classrooms and offices.


Documents that may not be seen or handled by anyone other than the appropriate school personnel are as follows:

    1. Teacher's grade book or record
    2. Child abuse reports
    3. DHS reports
    4. 504 Evaluations
    5. Disciplinary files
    6. SPED records
    7. Students' permanent school records
    8. Records containing names of books checked out by students
    9. Records containing names of students who may have overdue books out, and if and how much is owed in book fines
    10. Free and Reduced forms

Becoming a Volunteer at Douglass Valley

  1. Come to the front office and ask for a volunteer application/background check form.  There is a charge for background checks.  You must also attend a Volunteer Training. 

  2. Once your reference is checked and approved, the classroom teacher will notify you that you have been approved for volunteering in the school.

  3. Volunteers wishing to help with PTO-sponsored activities should contact the PTO Volunteer Coordinator.


Please remember to always sign in/out at the office, and wear a visitor/volunteer badge provided by the school.