Mission Statement
 Douglass Valley Mission Statement

The mission of Douglass Valley Elementary School, in partnership with families, staff, and our military community, is to educate each student in a safe, nurturing, and mutually respectful environment where academic excellence and exemplary character are achieved through problem-solving, collaboration, and critical-thinking.


We have a great building in a fabulous location, devoted parents and staff, and a talented student body.  Douglass Valley is known throughout the neighborhood and the school district as a positive, supportive learning community. Staff members are busily engaged as a team exploring ways of improving student learning while providing an environment where all children can feel safe and happy.  We encourage students to do their best and we celebrate their academic growth.


Teachers, support staff, and parents work cooperatively to provide students with exceptional instructional experiences in a safe, positive environment.  The talents of each student and staff member alike are fostered so that learning is maximized.  In addition to the regular classroom instruction, students attend classes in science, Spanish, art, music, and physical education.  Independently operated day care options are available for families needing those services.