Lunch at DVE

DVE hosts breakfast from 8:30-8:45 am.  The daily cost for breakfast for students is $1.30 and the cost for lunch is $2.50 per day.  Free or reduced price lunches are available to those who qualify based on family size and income.  Forms are available on-line under the Parent Portal and in the school office.  If your family doesn’t qualify now, you can apply any time during the school year if circumstances change.  If you wish to by lunch at school to eat with your student, please call the office before 8:45 a.m. to place your order.  Adult lunches cost $3.55.  Students may purchase a daily lunch or bring in any amout of money that will be creitied to the student’s lunch account.  If students bring lunch from home, they can still buy milk or juice for an additional cost.  You can now pay on-line for your student’s school meal through Pay For It @  Children may NOT charge lunches.  Children will be allowed to call a parent to bring a lunch or money. Students may not walk home for lunch.


Free or Reduced Lunch
Policy EF recognizes that students do best in school if they have eaten a nutritious and balanced meal. Academy District 20 participates in the National School Lunch Program that provides free or reduced price meals to eligible students. The Board of Education agrees to the federal eligibility regulations, and the food service program meets all state and federal requirements relating to meal and menu records, fiscal controls and accountability, free and reduced-price meals, civil rights compliance, sanitation, and safety.
School Lunch Prices for 2016-2017
Breakfast (Full Pay) $1.30    Breakfast (Reduced/Free – All Grades) – no charge
Lunch (Full Pay) $2.50    Lunch (Reduced/Free) – no charge   
Adult Lunch:  $3.55


Lunch Times
K   12:00-12:20 PM  1st 12:10 -12:30 PM  2nd 12:25-12:45 PM
3rd12:35-12:55 PM  4th 12:50-1:10 PM  5th 1:00-1:20 PM


1. Use soft voices at all times.
2. Keep your hands and feet to yourself in line and at the table.
3. Finish eating before leaving the lunchroom.
4. Walk at all times.
5. Be polite to students and adults.
6. Use good manners while eating.
7. Clean up your own space before you leave.
8. Remain seated until dismissed.