School Health Services

The DVE nurse will be at our school two days a week.  The administration of medication and first aid is delegated to trained school personnel.  The school nurse’s role is a supervisory role for regular education students.  The school nurse’s role lies primarily in special education doing medical reviews/assessments.  If you have any questions about your child’s health and/or medical condition, please contact the nurse at 234-4200.

First Aid/Illness at School
Only basic first aid is performed at school.  If an injury is serious, parents will be notified to pick their child up from school.  If a parent cannot be reached, 911 will be contacted for transport to the nearest medical facility.  If your child becomes ill at school, he/she is allowed to rest in the health room for a short time and is then encouraged to return to class.  Parents will be contact to pick up their child if he/she is exhibiting any of the following symptoms:

1.    Too sick/not feeling well enough to participate in the regularly scheduled da
2.    Temperature of 100.5 F or higher
3.    Excessive coughing
4.    Vomiting
5.    Diarrhea

Please make sure your current phone number and other contact information is current in Infinite Campus.  If your child is sick in the morning before school, please do not send him/her to school.  

Health Concerns
If your student has a specific health concern such as asthma, allergies, diabetes, seizures, etc. please be sure the school is aware of the concern and please keep all teachers and staff working with your student updated on these concerns.  Health care plans are often completed on students with specific health needs and they are available in the school office or on the district website at  You can then download the forms that you need. In certain circumstances, the nurse will meet with parents separately to gather the needed health information. This information is especially important on new students and those who have recently been diagnosed with a new health condition.  Our nurse has an active confidential health concerns list that is shared with staff members on a “need to know” basis only.  Please make it your responsibility to keep the school informed of any health concerns regarding your student.  With good communication between home and school, we will be able to stay informed about the health needs of our students and provide a safe environment for them while at school.

Illness Guidelines
Students with the following symptoms will be excluded from school (kept at home) until all symptoms have resolved for at least 24 hours.

1.    Temperature of 100.5 F or higher with other symptoms.  The student’s temperature must be normal for 24 hours WITHOUT the aid of fever-reducing medications (such as Tylenol) before returning to school.  
2.    Abnormal color or consistency of nasal or eye discharge.
3.    Uncontrolled cough or unusual cough.
4.    Vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours with other symptoms.  Symptoms must be resolved for 24 hours before a student may return to school.
5.    If antibiotics are prescribed for an illness, the student must receive the antibiotics for 24 hours before the student may return to school.
6.    Undiagnosed skin rashes and/or open lesions.

Medication at School
Only parents and/or legal guardians are allowed to bring medications to school and leave them with office personnel who will administer all medications.  For safety reasons, no medications will be sent home with children.

When at all possible, please try to schedule medications to be administered at home.  Medications ordered for administration three times a day should be administered before school, after school, and at bedtime.  If medications must be administered at school, please arrange the schedule so that the medication is administered around the lunch hour to avoid disruption of the instructional program.  THE FOLLOWING PROCEDURE MUST BE FOLLOWED FOR MEDICATION TO BE ADMINISTERED AT SCHOOL:

    Prescription medications must come in the bottle dispensed by the pharmacy.  We suggest you have a bottle for school and a bottle for home.  The bottle label must include the following information:
1.    Student’s name;
2.    Prescribing doctor’s name;
3.    Name of the drug, dosage, and the time the drug is to be administered; and
4.    Prescription date.

OVER-THE-COUNTER MEDICATIONS such as pain relievers/fever reducers, Breeze cough drops are the only cough drops acceptable at school, and cold medications must be brought to school in the bottle or box in which they were purchased.  Parents may bring any of the above medications anytime during the school day to administer to their child.  If not, they must fill out the “Permission to Administer Medications” form.  All forms must be signed and dated by a healthcare physician.

The student’s name must be written on the container, and the container kept in the main office/health room. If you have any questions regarding over-the-counter medications, please contact the office or the school nurse.  
No medication will be administered if it comes in a plastic bag, plain bottle, envelope, etc.  The parent will be called and the medication will not be administered.  Forms may be picked up from the school office or downloaded from the district and school websites.